Locating Turkeys

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We all know that locating turkeys is an important part of Turkey hunting. So when do you do it and what do you use? I will tell you.

The best time to locate turkeys is at dusk the night before you are planning on going hunting. It is also a good idea to do it the morning of the hunt when you get in position. But when you are locating turkeys the morning of the hunt, you do not want to do it too early. Wait until the birds start chirping before you try to locate the morning of your hunt.

As far as what you use to locate turkeys, there are a couple of different calls and ways to do this. Probably one of the more popular locating calls is the Owl Hoot. You can find this call at many different Hunting/Fishing stores. Examples are Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, Scheels, and Fin & Feather. The Owl Hoot is a widely used call, but there is a trick to use it. The best way that I haveOwl Hoot found is by hooting like this, “short short, short short (small pause) short short, short longgggggggg”. Another way that you can remember this is by the following line, “You cook for me, I cook for youuuuuuuu”. I know, it sounds weird, but it works!!!!

You can use a couple of other turkey calls also for locating turkeys. A box call works great if it is windyTurkey Box Call outside or if you would like your sound to travel a long way. Box calls work so well because they create a high pitch sound that drive turkeys crazy!!! When using a box call, use it for approximately (2) 5 second rounds. Leave about 1-2 seconds in between rounds. The turkeys will be gobbling in no time!!!

Along with the owl hoot and the box call, mouth calls can also be used. There are so many different types of mouth calls that I can’t really tell you which one to use. But I will tell you to make sure you get one that can be loud and make sure that it also sounds raspy.

Crow CallFinally, the one last locating call that I use is a common crow call. I don’t know what it is about the crow call, but it also drives turkeys crazy. When using the crow call to locate turkeys, hold it with your right hand and cup your left hand over the end of the call. When you blow into the call, move your left hand in and out.

By using one of these four methods, I know that you will have your turkeys located in no time and be ready for your hunt.

Happy Hunting!!!!


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